Alf Agreement

The ALF agreement is complemented by regional agreements between regions and universities with medical schools. The region and the university form a common governing body for clinical research and physician training issues. Together, they share responsibility for clinical research in the region and form an ALF region. The ALF agreement provides that 20% of ALF`s funding will be allocated to clinical research on the basis of the quality of research. The allocation of funds is based on the evaluation of the quality of clinical research in the ALF regions by the Swedish Research Council and the resource allocation model developed by the ALF`s national steering committee. The ALF agreement regulates, among other things, the amount of public funds paid to the regions for cooperation in physician training, the conduct of clinical research and the development of health care and medical care. AI`s cooperation with health care is described in the ALF agreement, which governs public compensation for certain costs related to education and medical research. In March 2018, the Swedish Research Council published its report on its evaluation of clinical research to county councils and universities covered by the ALF agreement with the Swedish government. In general, the region of Vastra Gotaland deployed very well during the evaluation. It received the highest marks in two of the three categories, resulting in the highest overall rating from the evaluation and an increase in ALF credits.

The agreement also allows for cooperation with other financial means available to the parties. The agreement includes a system to compensate borough councils for participation in medical training and clinical medical research, called ALF compensation. Under this agreement, clinical medical research relies on access to health resources and should pay particular attention to patient-related research. The Swedish Research Council has an office for the ALF, which coordinates evaluations of the quality of clinical research and coordinates contacts between the various stakeholders on issues related to the ALF agreement.

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