Bc Online Electronic Services Agreement

16 A contract may result from the interaction of an electronic agent and an individual or the interaction of electronic agents. Description of reforms: The electronic spinning service allows registered users of Court Services Online to file electronic court documents with civil and provincial court registries. To create an e-file, you must have an account registered with CSO or BC Online, accept the user agreement and have a card registered for the account. You can find information about registration on the CSO homepage in the Services menu for registration information. Jurisdictions around the world have passed laws that recognize the validity of electronic documents and electronic signatures. Although the frameworks and definitions differ according to the competencies, their principles are largely identical. Appendix A lists a number of these sources and the corresponding definitions. “trader” refers to a person who sells you goods or services and receives payment either through Direct Services or Mobile Payment Services. Subject: One of the BC government`s strategic objectives is to provide electronic online transactions to facilitate the interaction between the public and businesses with public and judicial services. Court Services Online (CSO) is part of an electronic forensic services project that aims to develop web services to facilitate interaction with our province`s Electronic Filing at 1. There are also a few cases where Part 2 of PIPEDA requires the use of a certain class of electronic signatures, called “secure electronic signature.” A secure electronic signature is a form of electronic signature based on asymmetric cryptography.

Specific application cases in which Part 2 of PIPEDA requires a secure electronic signature are: the scope of the agreement. This electronic services agreement (the “contract”) between you and Schwab indicates the conditions that govern your use of Schwab`s electronic services. It`s part of your brokerage account contract. The term “we,” if used below, means Schwab. The term “electronic services” includes all of Schwab`s computer, telephone, fax, email or wireless services or systems. These include services and information accessible through Schwab or service providers used by Schwab, including, but not limited to: “CSO” means Court Services Online, the electronic forensic services system managed and managed by the Court`s Services Function.

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