Cctv Confidentiality Agreement

All personnel who have access to the CCTV system are notified of the sensitivity of the use of CCTV images and recordings and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The security services shall ensure that authorized personnel are fully trained and trained in all aspects of the operational and administrative functions of the CCTV system. 11. Governing Law This Agreement is in all respects governed by the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of California, as such laws apply to agreements that have been fully entered into and will be performed in the State of California. 15. Entire Agreement This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement relating to the Confidential Information disclosed therein and supersedes all agreements, whether oral or written, prior or simultaneously, relating to such Confidential Information. This Agreement may only be amended in writing by mutual consent of the authorized representatives of the Parties. 14. Right to omission A breach of any of the promises or agreements contained therein results in irreparable and persistent harm to the non-injurious party, for which there is no appropriate remedy, and the non-injuring party is entitled to a right of omission and/or a decree for a given performance and other appropriate remedies (including financial damages, if any).

2. Obligation of confidentiality and non-use Each party agrees not to disclose, disclose or otherwise disclose the depositor`s confidential information to persons, companies or companies, unless this is necessary for negotiations, discussions and consultations with the recipient`s staff or authorized representatives, and for what purpose the other party may approve it in writing below. In addition, the existence of ongoing trade negotiations, discussions, consultations or agreements between the parties may not be communicated to the public media without the written consent of both parties. The recipient agrees that it treats all of the offender`s confidential information with the same care as it allows to its own confidential information, and the recipient declares that it is exercising due diligence to protect its own confidential information. The Recipient agrees that it will disclose Discloser`s confidential information only to those of its employees who need to know such information and confirms that such employees have previously agreed to be subject to conditions substantially similar to those of this Agreement, either as a condition of employment or to obtain the Confidential Information. The recipient will promptly notify the disk drive of any unauthorized use or disclosure of the confidential information. The recipient agrees to assist the discloser in remedying such unauthorized use or disclosure of the Confidential Information. At no time and under no circumstances may the Recipient modify, translate, decompile or dissaffiliate any software or other similar confidential information provided by the disk drive under this Agreement. CCTV cameras can be temporarily placed in strategic positions in a limited number of circumstances. Such temporary placements may be made and may be carried out only where there is suspicion of suspicion of criminal activity or civil aviation security only if the information of the person or persons concerned seriously affects the reason(s) for the registration and if there are grounds for suspecting illegal or unauthorized activity.

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