Employment Settlement Agreement Template South Africa

Where a worker and an employer agree to terminate contact with conditions other than those laid down in the employment contract, it is essential to ensure that the agreement is reciprocal in order to avoid any further action before the courts. This type of agreement is subject to strict criteria. If you do not use the right document, your agreement is not justified. Each agreement is unique, as the circumstances of each case will be different. However, some elements are common to most agreements. As a rule, they contain details about: Exceptional precedent. Thank you for this solid and perfectly formatted agreement. I have every confidence in this problem and, if necessary, I will make use of your other precedents. I wish you all the best for the future of your business. Thank you again.

All things are over. This agreement allows you to end your agreement with wisdom and care. The document is suitable for many types of agreements, but it is mainly used in employment situations. In Lekwa Local Municipality v South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC) and Others (2017) 38 ILJ 190 (LC), on 10 December 2013, the worker and employer entered into a settlement agreement with the CCMA. The terms of the agreement were that the employer agreed to pay the worker an amount of R1,674,149.49 to settle the worker`s right to constructive dismissal. Since the worker`s annual salary was approximately 300,000.00, the amount of the transaction was well above the legal limit of 12 months of compensation to which the employee would have been entitled if it had been found that she had been wrongly dismissed by the employer. When entering into a settlement (and ultimately recording the terms in a written settlement agreement), the parties should consider the following: the Tribunal therefore found that the Commissioner had committed a verifiable irregularity and set aside the arbitral award. The court also ordered a little strangely that the dispute be referred to arbitration which must be reprimanded by the CCMA. The Tribunal`s order is special because it did not establish the validity of the settlement agreement between the worker and the employer and, therefore, the settlement agreement remained in service. Therefore, even if the case was referred to the CCMA for conciliation, it is unlikely that the CCMA did so, given that it does not have jurisdiction to settle a dispute. However, in a recent judgment of the Labour Court, the Labour Court found that, if the parties wished to have such an agreement converted into an arbitral judgment, the comparative figure contained in a settlement agreement could not exceed the compensation limits set out in Article 194 of the LRA. This is a precedent for the termination of the employment relationship and a concordat agreement that can be used by an employer and an employee who wish to terminate their employment relationship by mutual agreement and continue to settle all disputes between them.

The purpose of this Agreement is therefore to record the agreement of the parties and the fairness of the dismissal as well as the procedure provided for in the Employment Relations Act 1995. Contact our lawyers in Carter Lemon Cameron`s solicitors for labor advice….

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