Ibm Third Party Agreement

Third-party maintenance contracts are an important tool to manage operating costs and unlock the budget to invest in strategic projects that advance your IT infrastructure. To learn more about these potential savings, please contact. The alternative software support service is tailored to your needs, not to IBM`s profit-hungry shareholders. Third-party software support simply works” said that partnering with a non-IBM provider on the sidelines of your IBM assets will give you additional leverage if the agreement comes as a result of the renewal. Or that you are able to separate certain support elements to reduce the total cost of software maintenance without affecting IBM`s services. Third-party support contracts are the most appropriate to extend the life of stable applications after warranty. The traditional upgrade cycle, defined by the vendor, entails significant additional costs (licensing, maintenance renewal, installation and consulting) and increases the risk of interruption of online systems. Third-party maintenance services offer a cost-effective alternative. With a similar level of service and support, third-party maintenance contracts are generally 50% lower than IBM equivalents and, if you take into account the advanced support costs mentioned above, up to 90% less. Entering into a maintenance contract with a third-party provider can more than halve the annual support bill and reduce the total current operating costs of a given IBM application. In the end, alternative software support works because it benefits your business.

With reduced maintenance costs, more efficient support frameworks, fully flexible contract terms and access to a team of IBM specialists, there`s absolutely no reason why a third-party service won`t work. Ibm Third-party softwaresupport is not a task for IT generalists – that`s why you need a specialized partner to maintain your applications and servers. Just because a third-party support provider is not linked to IBM doesn`t mean its engineers are less qualified. Typically, the shortest IBM support contract is usually 1 year. This rigid, long-term agreement is quite the opposite of the flexible conditions offered by third parties. IBM third-party maintenance contracts usually start from one month. These agreements are also much more configurable, so customers can define SLAs and entol coverage by asset. At Riverstone, we understand that there is no one-way approach to support. Whether you need 24/7/365 monitoring with a maximum response time of 4 hours or simply sharing parts as needed, Riverstone has a support plan for your business. This way, you only pay for the services you need and avoid the ones you don`t need.

For many software asset managers and CTOs, IBM`s software support alternatives can be very attractive – at least on paper. Fewer contractual costs, no forced upgrade cycles and an agreement that makes your company responsible for its own IT destiny are extremely compelling arguments for third-party support. As a technology giant, IBM continues to see significant advances in research, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. At the same time, their commitment to innovation means that support for IT infrastructure is regularly postponed. However, your current support and maintenance contracts are an important source of revenue for IBM. Tired of paying high annual fees for ibMs and getting poor quality services in return? Well, IBM is not your only resource for storage and server support.

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