Plan Partners Customer Service Agreement

To continue participating in the CSP program, you must sign the microsoft partnership agreement by January 31, 2020. The Partner Center reminds you that you can now easily sign the agreement at the Partner Center. We pride ourselves on providing your clients with plan management and support services to your role by providing up-to-date information about your client`s money. The team of plan partners is friendly, responsive and extremely good in the area of plan management and assistance as well as services for the disabled. I have every confidence in the fact that they have my son`s interests in mind. This takes the NDIS work rate. The microsoft partnership agreement provides Microsoft partners with a unique and digitally accepted partnership agreement. The microsoft partnership agreement contains an essential set of ongoing conditions that help Microsoft, its partners and customers support data protection and security, promote compliance and promote sound business practices. All Cloud Solution Provider partners (including indirect suppliers, indirect resellers and direct accounting partners) can sign the MPA online at the Partner Center. Direct billing partners and indirect suppliers operating in the Government Cloud can also sign the MPA at the Partner Center. The Microsoft Customer Contract (MCuA) customer agreement is required in CSP for the purchase of Azure services via an Azure plan and for all other CSP offers acquired after January 31, 2020. For more information, click Confirm Microsoft`s customer agreement.

Check out the Program Information section. If the status of the MPN program is active, you are an active MPN partner in the Partner Center. . Check out the Program Information section. If your information does not show indirect reseller status, you must register as an indirect reseller. By managing payments, claims and managing your NDIS budget, we allow you to focus on the best media and suppliers for your individual circumstances – registered or not NDIS. If the status of an indirect dealer is qualified, go to your dashboard to accept the MPA in order to activate your account. Don`t forget to accept the CSP relationship requirement with your indirect supplier. If indirect reseller status is active, you are an active indirect dealer in the Partner Center. Connect to the Partner Center dashboard as a global administrator for your business. If you don`t see the status of an MPN account or if your MPN account hasn`t migrated from the Partner Membership Center (PMC) to the Partner Center, you should migrate your MPN account to the Partner Center.

To get the most out of your NDIS plan, you need to find the right service providers for the disabled, so we`ve created an easy-to-use directory to find serious providers. We give you the freedom to focus on achieving your goals. Your MPN-ID account information may not match your CSP account information. If you entered the Partner Center as an indirect reseller, accept the Microsoft Partnership Agreement for the Partner Center Dashboard with the Global Administrator`s registration information. You can confirm whether the Microsoft Partnership Agreement has already been signed regarding partner profile program information or banner notification on the CSP-Preview page.

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