Subsidiary Agreement Template

Taking into account the premises and mutual agreements, the parties agree as follows: this agreement dated ___ and all have duly signed their names, all from the day and year that were written first. 6. This Agreement shall take effect only if the proposed merger is considered to have been adopted only when the Agreement has been approved by personal or plenipotentiary meetings of shareholders representing at least two-thirds of the total number of shares issued and outstanding in the share capital of each Party. in accordance with the requirements of the law applicable to mergers of undertakings in general in the State or States in which each party is registered. The parties must immediately file applications with the Interstate Commerce Commission and follow them carefully in order to obtain the approval of the concentration entity, as well as several responsibilities provided for in this agreement, which are required by the current provisions of the Interstate Commerce Act. 1. On the date of entry into force of this Agreement, subsidiaries shall be incorporated into the _____________Gesellschaft with all their properties (real, personal and mixed), easements, licenses and interests of any kind, rights, privileges, public and private authorities, exemptions and immunities, subject to any instructions, hypothec or royalty. . . .

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