University Of London Libraries Access Agreement

Located in central London, the eight cooperating libraries provide services to more than 100,000 registered readers in and around the Senate House each year. If you need regular access to our collection or can prove that you need to access our collection during the library`s unoccupied opening hours, you can apply for a library membership card. Libraries, part of a strong online presence, provide essential services to individuals, research teams, students and partners in nearly 200 countries. The current position We regret that the SCONUL access scheme is being suspended due to the current pandemic. This means that we cannot process new applications or renew applications and that participating libraries do not accept visitors from other libraries as part of the program. We are concerned that there are no exceptions to this rule. This is due to the fact that the capacities of member libraries are severely limited due to the need for social renunciation. Universities, including university libraries, are required to comply with government guidelines on this issue, which means that, in most cases, libraries are unable to assist outside visitors. Senate House Library at the University of London Central Library with a research collection on the arts, literature, humanities and social sciences. Students and city staff can apply online via the pre-registration form to access the Senate library. That, as part of the agreement, individual libraries may require applicants to prove that they must consult the material held in that library. This application criterion means that students should not expect to be able to use other libraries exclusively for the study room or for simplicity and convenience. This agreement provides for reference access for all members of the University of London to the institutional libraries of the Federal University of London and complements the national sconul access system.

You must complete an application form and outline your need for additional access to King`s Libraries. Students and scholars at the University of London can benefit from some of our services as part of the University of London`s Access Agreement. We have suspended the processing of new membership applications and the production of cards until further notice. The new platform will give members plus a flexible source of access to police, monographs and collections More details: See Royal Holloway Library Access. Unique reference access is also available by providing your current home ID card to the Servicedesk or the library entrance you want to access. If part of your course is taught at King`s, you can use your King ID card to access our libraries and borrow materials. To make libraries secure, space capacity has been reduced, as a result of these restrictions, access for current King employees, as well as for students and NHS staff of our partner trusts, is not a priority until the first semester (September-December 2020).

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