University Of Missouri Columbia Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

Note: Depending on the extent of the repairs or installations, these budgetary expenses may be considered “other costs”. The ORS can help you clarify the difference. These Guidelines do not apply to facility grants. These rates are applied on an MTDC (Modified Total Direct Costs) basis. At UMKC, equipment is defined as an item of unusable and physical personal property with a lifespan of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit. This Directive shall apply to grants, contracts, agreements, cooperation agreements, declarations of intent and similar documents which require the university to carry out projects involving research, teaching, extension and public service or providing services to external sponsors. In these cases, the contract is concluded with the person and not with the other institution, because the staff of the other university cannot use the institutions or administrative services of his university. Table 1 presents the results of Internet searches. Through the google search, we found 54 policies for CAH, universities, and universities, as well as 5 institutional reports from task forces or ad hoc committees specifically convened to address R&A cost-recovery issues.

When searching the websites of the institutions that awarded CtSAs, we found 19 published guidelines and 5 institutional reports dealing with the problem. By consensus, we found that the 19 guidelines fit into one of four categories or types: on the basis of (1) the division of work according to the examiner`s load, (2) the physical space used (e.g.B. Offices, laboratory rooms, patient examination rooms, (3) a preset percentage formula that takes into account a large number of factors and (4) case-by-case negotiations (Table 1). . . .

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