Which Conflict Resolution Behavior Entails Writing Down Areas Of Agreement

Improving your conflict management skills can have positive effects in the real world. Because conflicts are present in our personal and professional lives, the ability to manage conflicts and negotiate desirable outcomes can help us succeed in both. Whether you and your partner are trying to decide which brand of flat-screen TVs or discussing the upcoming political elections with your mother, the potential for conflict is there. In professional environments, the ability to participate in conflict management is sometimes referred to as conflict resolution, a necessary and appreciated skill. However, many professionals do not receive conflict management training, although they are expected to do so as part of their work (Gates, 2006). Lack of training and skills could be a recipe for disaster, as illustrated by an episode of the Agency entitled “Resolving Conflicts. Subsequently, Toby, the human resources manager, office workers, encourages anonymous complaints about their employees. Although Toby does not try to resolve conflicts, employees feel as they are understood. When Michael, the manager, discovers that there are unresolved conflicts, he makes anonymous complaints public to promote the solution that backfires and generates more conflicts in the office. As usual, Michael has no communication skills; However, there are career paths for people who have an interest or talent for conflict management. Indeed, the U.S. News and World Report`s facilitator activity was considered one of the best careers for 2011.

[1] Many colleges and universities today offer bachelor`s degrees, diplomas or certificates of conflict resolution, such as those at the University of North Carolina Greensboro: conflictstudies.uncg.edu/site. The ability to manage conflict situations can make life more enjoyable instead of stagnating or making a situation worse. The negative consequences of poorly managed conflicts could range from the last difficult weeks of the semester with a roommate to violence or divorce. However, there is no right or wrong way to deal with a conflict. Remember that a competent communicator does not mean that you follow a number of absolute rules. On the contrary, a competent communicator evaluates several contexts and applies communication tools and capabilities to the dynamic situation. Interests play an important role in a better understanding of conflict. Groups often waste “position negotiations” time. Instead of explaining the interests of their position, they argue on their “lower line.” It is not a useful way to negotiate, because it forces groups to stick to a narrow position. Once they are rooted in a particular position, they will be embarrassed to abandon them. You can do more to “save face” than to find an appropriate solution.

It is generally more useful to explore the interests of the group and then to see which positions correspond to such interests.

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