Waze User Agreement

Slice, on the other hand, obtains consent when registering by activating a user box that states that they accept slice`s terms of use and privacy policy. This statement and box are located between the email input field and the login window, so it would be almost impossible for a user to ignore them. At Waze, we take great steps to provide you with the best experience you can have in using the services. Waze, however, has no control over a user`s behaviour and disclaims any responsibility for it. Users are advised to carefully and carefully consider whether to publish or provide information and carefully review all details necessary for communication with other users before engaging or communicating. If you choose to either record your own voice on the service or use voice command functions, Waze collects language information about that use, including language files. If you want to share your voice recordings after recording your own voice, other Waze users and others can download and use your voice recordings. After downloading, Waze may not have control over voice files, so you should only share content that you have easily made public. Waze may also use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information collected on services in a form that does not identify a particular user by publishing, disseminating, transmitting, transmitting or providing other information to service users, providers, service partners and other third parties. For example, the GPS information we receive from your mobile device can be provided to map publishers in an aggregated and/or anonymous form to improve the map and resolve map issues, traffic data can be transmitted to cities, aggregated use of Waze Carpool can be provided to Carpool partners, and aggregated advertising analytics can be made available to advertisers. The content submitted by users for publication does not reflect Waze`s views. The publication of the content does not cover their validity, reliability, accuracy, legality or updates.

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